In the fast-developing world of healthcare sensors, Vexavit stands in the Swiss landscape as a steady health-tech corporation and as an example of cutting-edge technology devoted to well-being and monitoring of vital functions. Founded in 2016 and based in Glattbbrug, near Zurich, Vexavit is active in public and private markets, combining deep knowledge and long experience in sensor technology.

To achieve its “digital holistic ecosystem” and reach the chosen high profile markets (healthcare, safety & security, automotive and consumer), in 2021, Vexavit purchased from TERA Technologies, a Spanish/Italian human-centered IoT company, its software platforms. The new Vexavit IoT ecosystem combined with its sensors, is able to analyze vital signs parameters, predict and prevent, in real time, physical issues.


Innovation is the beating heart of Vexavit. Through massive investments we resolve forefront technical challenges to enable people individual and collective performance.

In collaboration with prestigious Research centres, our engineering teams develop cutting edge technology products to measure, acquire, communicate, analyse and process billions of data connected to human bio-parameters and more. We focus on inventing non-invasive devices to help sportsmen and women to reach their full potential, on elaborating sophisticated algorithms to extract knowledge from information that human could not access by herself, on programming software to deliver unique user experiences and connect people remotely. Our strength is to do so in fields as diversified as medicine, healthcare, wellbeing, sport, automotive or safety within the strictest quality standards according to the certification requirements. With Research partners worldwide, as reputable as Olympic committee medical departments or famous biology laboratories and hospitals, we strive for excellence in exploring areas of science which support the life of tomorrow. Sensoring the future is our motto.


Our technology can be used and adapted for a wide range of applications, from healthcare to consumer goods, sports competition, safety and security and many more. The measured and processed data can be transferred to any application or device, such as mobile or desktop, for real-time monitoring or post-processing analysis purposes.

As an integrated part of an entire IoT ecosystem, Vexavit wearables unleash their full potential enabling accurate body monitoring data collection and analysis. Vexavit end-to-end solution goes beyond the classic monitoring: with algorithms and a.i., through the ecosystem, our solution can analyze vital parameters and predict and prevent, in real time, physical issues. This solution is called The Smart Companion.


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