Wellbeing and performance.

Wearable sensors to increase training, focus and energy.

People are helped by our wearable technology and apps in a variety of ways that are connected to well-being, exercise, and mental health. The technological system is built on intelligent microelectronic sensors, cutting-edge algorithms, and application services that make it possible to train, monitor, and analyze critical metrics with a particular emphasis on breathing and oxygenation. Our current work on wellbeing aims to improve mindfulness, reduce symptoms of stress, and increase energy, whereas our work on mental health is focused on improving focusing and concentration abilities, and our work on sport performance targets breathing analysis, training, and endurance improvement.

Team Schmitz



Wellness-oriented People

Performance Driven Athletes

Individuals who aspire to live up to their full potential

Team Schmitz

Use Cases

Value Proposition

Regain strength and relieve tension

Boost overall athletic performance

Increase focus and concentration skills

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