Telemonitoring always-on.

A comprehensive, on-demand, health monitoring ecosystem.

We provide telemonitoring solutions for various healthcare use cases. The telemonitoring system has functionalities for recording, analyzing, and assessing data from various wearable devices. The system is capable of handling both spot measurements and real-time measurements over brief or extended periods of time. With settings tailored specifically for each patient and use case, multiple patients can be monitored at once. Effective communication with the patient via numerous communication channels is made possible by a robust notification and alert management system (e.g. text messaging, audio & video calls).Our solutions meet the highest standards in terms of data protection, quality and reliability.

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Public health care organizations


Medical practices

Pharmacies & labs

Telemedicine centres

Service providers for elderly people

Team Schmitz

Use Cases

Value Proposition

Remote monitoring of multiple patients over longer time period

Relieving the medical infrastructure

Telemedicine solutions (diagnoses, rehab, prevention)

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