By providing cutting-edge technology, we address unmet needs in markets that are evolving rapidly, helping our clients stay one step ahead of their competitors. Our intelligent micro-electronic solutions, based on Swiss made and accurate sensor technologies, are adaptable and scalable for a variety of applications. Our wearables reach the full potential of through the integration of our unique, intelligent algorithms and self-learning artificial intelligence being part of our full ecosystem to deliver key outputs through our applications. We provide outputs that serve a variety of functions, including long-term evolution trends, analysis, alert messages, early detection, and remote monitoring.


We continuously invest in R&D projects to provide our clients with innovative solutions, broadening the scope and potential applications of our sensor technology. Working closely with our technological and scientific partner CSEM, we are developing tomorrow’s solutions.

We are constantly broadening the range of our sensor technologies and our complete ecosystem through a number of projects.

With our long-standing partners we are already working on future-proof solutions. We are able to extract even more pertinent data and trends as new algorithms and artificial intelligence are continuously incorporated into our ecosystem. Data that can help us providing more effective solutions in terms of early detection, forecasting, alarms, etc.


Vexavit high end wearable sensor technologies

  • High Quality Sensors
  • Smart Microelectronic Systems
  • Supportive Applications
  • Qualified Algorithms & Data
Our innovative and leading wearable technology solutions are based on highly precise sensors connected to smart micro-electronic solutions. The technology can be adapted and utilized in a wide range of applications.
With our unique cooperative sensor technology we can adopt us to any requirement.

Vexavit Sensor Technology is a leading edge wireless technology. With direct Edge computing on the sensor to process measured data, it allows processed data to be transferred instantly and to achieve a real live time monitoring.

The advantage of edge computed processed data is a very s d reliable data communication.

The measured and processed data is transferred to any application or device, such as a mobile, desktop or cloud solution, for real-time monitoring and analysis. As an integrated part of an entire Ecosystem our wearable devices unleash their full potential.

Our cooperative sensor dry electrodes can be seamlessly integrated in any apparel e.g. in s shirt, top, belt or in any 1st layer garment granting direct body sikn contact for the electrodes.

With our Technology solution we can expand our applications.
With our DRY-sensor technology the sensors can be used simply having skin contact. The is no extra skin treatment needed and without aboslutely any skin irriation.


Heart Rate





Breathing Rate







Geoposition /
Heat Map


Rotation Dynamic

Acceleration /

Posture &
Body Position

Cadence /
Step Tracking


Real Time

Live Data



to Cloud


Sensorsystem with two sensors

Smart Integration

With Smart Integration Solution
for any fashion


With VSP functions:
EGC (1Lead), HR
Breath Rate, BR
Skin Temperature
Activity, 3D Accelerometer (Sleep Monitoring Possible)

Data Management

Data Analize AI Reporting:
Smart Cloud with AI
Data History
Single User
Data Analyze vs Group Comparison

Data Communications

Bluetooth Communication
Data Recording
Live Streaming

Application Data Cloud

Software Ecosystem for:
Processed Data
Mobile App Solution

Our Technology USP

  • Cooperative sensor technology
  • Own autonomy with an energy source
  • Direct signal conversion on the sensor from analogue to digital signals
  • Dry Sensors (No skin irritation, no skin preparation)
  • Precise bio-impedance measurements
  • Specific scientific programs for the development of specific algorithms
  • EDGE computing on the sensor
  • Output Processed Data as well as Raw Data
  • Live data streaming via BLE 5.0
  • Two-way communication
  • Data recording
  • Data encryption and security


Monitoring solutions
for single and multiple people (SHC, COMO)
The solution is an effective patient monitoring platform which provides caregivers reliable real-time (live) health parameters based on continuous or spot measurements taken mainly from the VX2 device, but also from other wearable devices. The solution is suitable both for long-term monitoring of patients with recording of data over a longer period of time as well as for selective real-time assessment. The system can monitor several patients at the same time and, depending on the use case, different wearables can be connected. This solution is maximally flexible, as it is independent of computer hardware, predefined wearables or specific use cases. Physicians will be notified as soon as individual thresholds are exceeded, which allows patients with stable health to stay at home or require fewer check-up visits, thus reducing the time and cost per patient and in the same time relieves the healthcare infrastructure. In case of a pandemic, it would also reduce the contagious spread among healthcare professionals. The use of the solution makes patients feel very well cared for knowing that their vital parameters are monitored by medical professionals. The solution was registered with Swissmedic as a class1 medical device.
  • real-time monitoring (streaming)
  • spot & continuous measurements
  • recording / historic data
  • multi-patients
  • multi-devices
  • multi-parameters
  • advance notification management
  • geo & motion data of patients
  • in-app communication features
Mobile Applications
(Pat. Monitoring App, SHC Mobile App, doctor alert app)
In addition to the desktop application for the medical users for monitoring, applications for mobile devices, connected with sensors, are available to be installed on the smartphones or tablets of the patients and connected to the individual wearable devices.
Additionally, a dedicated mobile app for doctors is provided to handle notifications and priorities while monitoring a large number of patients.


The combination of sensoring technology and customised software creates a powerful ecosystem as a complete solution for the corresponding application. As an integrated part of an entire ecosystem our wearables unleash their full potential.

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