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ESA COMO project: mission accomplished


The project named "COMO" has been successfully completed. Vexavit and consortium partners have developed a real-time remote patient monitoring service to relieve the hospital infrastructure both in case of a pandemic event such as COVID-19 and under normal conditions. This service allows patients to stay at home while being monitored remotely by physicians in hospitals or general practices (GPs) and reduce the need for visits and physical contact.
Test results confirmed the reliability of the system and showed that using the solution in the tested use cases with dehospitalized patients significantly reduces time and costs for each individual patient. All users involved were very satisfied with the use of the system, would recommend it, and would be willing to use it in case of a pandemic such as COVID-19. All physicians involved see great potential in a system like COMO for further medical applications. These claims are supported by the fact that the system can be easily customized and integrated with other wearable devices. Telemedicine, particularly telemonitoring, is still at the beginning of a major evolution, and Vexavit is proud to have developed a marketable component as part of this project.

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